Managing Member, The Law Office of Christopher C. Bouquet, PLLC

Chris Bouquet is an experienced businessman and government contracts lawyer with a sub-specialty in the rules governing federally funded intellectual property.

After college, he spent 11 years in business, serving most of this time as a Project Manager and Director of Government Operations for a government contractor. During that time, he attended night school and received MBA and JD degrees. After law school, he served for nearly 14 years as a government contracts lawyer in McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP’s Washington, DC office.  In 2008, he opened his own law practice in Alexandria, Virginia so that he could provide clients with more cost-effective access to his expertise. Throughout his career, Mr. Bouquet has been devoted to understanding his clients’ needs and providing leadership to develop and implement effective strategies to meet these needs.

In the practice of government contracts law, Mr. Bouquet has counseled businesses in a variety of industries, including aerospace, information technology and life sciences, on how to effectively comply with a wide array of laws and regulations applicable to government agreements. He particularly enjoys helping clients and their intellectual property counsel to manage the intersection of the laws and regulations governing government agreements and intellectual property, including the invention reporting and filing requirements of the Bayh-Dole Act. With Gillian Fenton, he is the co-author of two articles on the domestic manufacturing requirements of that act. The articles appeared in the June 2024 issue of Les Nouvelles.