Managing Director, Hamilton IPV

Lew is a strategy consultant serving major high-tech industry firms and investors in matters involving IP (especially cellular, digital video, and other SEPs). Engagements include M&A engagements (both buy and sell-side), corporate strategy, departmental IP strategy, individual licensing programs & engagements, disputes, and analytical endeavors such as valuation.

Lew and his co-authors have published a widely recognized series of scholarly papers regarding smartphone market patent royalties, including a chapter in the new book 5G and Beyond: Intellectual Property and Competition Policy in the Internet of Things (Cambridge University Press).  Lew also manages the LOT Network’s 5G Transparency Project (5GTP), an ongoing effort to understand SEP landscapes through innovative techniques, and also collaborated with Cipher to co-develop its Digital Video SEP classifier services.

Lew formerly served as EVP of Advisory Services at ThinkFire, where he served major tech industry and private equity clients, and before that, at Regis McKenna/ OC&C Strategy, PWC, and Accenture. Lew has appeared in the IAM Strategy 300 each year from 2009 to 2024.  Lew holds an MBA from Duke University and a B.A. Economics from the University of Michigan.